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Cognition’s artistic ability is rooted in creativity and spirituality. His diversity as an artist spans from clever word play in poetry to dynamic music production. He has devoted his time and efforts to developing his craft and educating himself to give depth to his artistic presentations.

For Cognition creativity is a way of life. Life does not imitate art, life is art and should be shared with others so they may engage in the artistic experience. Cognition has been called a poet, teach, artist, and given other titles. Yet, he considers himself a Verbal Architect, constructing creative compositions to expand the minds of the masses.

(Poetic Version)

I didn’t come form a big city - I came from a small town - Didn’t have no asphalt just dirt on the ground - Didn’t have no sky scrapers just space all around - This was the place and the space where I developed my sound - well, I guess those dusty roads lead me to the American dream – And the American dream lead me to the champion chip - And some people thought this champion would slip - But on hot beats, lines and poetry this champion will flip - You see, I have been spitting flows frequently in different frequencies since the days of delinquency- When I was a minor I was still major- and I don’t need a ring on my finger to engage you - My intellect can't be stopped - And my writing cant be blocked...




ZBey - Poet/ Music Artist
Eye opening, thought provoking insightful and lyrically explosive


Meli - Singer
Captivating & spellbinding poetic performer! He literally will have you hanging off of his every word.


Tamara E.

Jarrard Anthony - Singer/ Music Artist
"Cognition is more than an artist in every sense of the word that creates in multi-dimensional variations." www.jarrardanthony.com


J. D. Haze - Music Artist
“The Brother Cognition is a multi-talented vessel of The Most High Creator. Armed with precise poetry, mean grooves and beats Cognition is an ambassador of eclectic expression that won't cease to inform, inspire, and Edutain (educate+entertain). Give this brother a try, you will be thankful you did"... @jdhaze1”

Lucky Low Key - Poet
A down to earth artist with a knack for innovation. Cognition has a style and a sound of his very own creation. No matter the format, live or recorded, he is sure to captivate any audience.


Lorna - Wednesday Verses
Passionate, Clever and Heart Driven...