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- - - Enjoy some written poetry by Cognition - - -


Even The Odds


I was playing cards with God and the devil.
This card game was on a whole new level.
We were sitting at a table the devil was on the left and God was on the right

The prize of this game was my soul tonight

The look on God’s face was strong; the look on satan’s face was deceiving

Satan said was dealing me odds
so I guest God was dealing me evens

This was a strange card game like a hybrid black jack 21
2 decks, 2 dealers one creator one killer

One concealer one revealer

One chance one hand

One soul one man

One master one plan

And here I stand having to make a choice

How do I play the cards I’m dealt I say in a concerned voice

Every card Satan dealt on top had a hex or a curse

God threw me off starting dealing my cards in reverse


Satan was dealing from the top

God was dealing from the bottom

Every time Satan would deal a card God would top him

They went back and forth for a while

And in front of me was a bunch of cards in a pile

I asked God what I do, this game seems odd

He told me from the pile pick 5 random cards

From this card game I learned a valuable lesson

All 5 of the cards I picked were marked with a hex none of them were marked with blessings

God told me turn them over, I turned them all over and what did I see 5 blank cards staring at me

God told me as long as He was a dealer and his love was felt it doesn’t matter what cards are dealt

Sometimes in life things are deceiving

God told me

If I keep you at odds you will always find the evens

If I keep you at odds you will always find the evens

If I keep you at odds you will always find the evens

So I walked up to Satan told him he was deceiving

I spit in his face and told him I am leaving

Because now the odds are Even ©




I felt it all fall apart like a glass shattered from falling off a table

Not balanced but unstable.....

So painful...you wouldn't believe this

It was so painful I called on God and Jesus

I had to pick up the pieces

Trying to master life I was living my thesis

I saw doors close and bridges burn...

Money became hard to earn....

Got sick, my health was at concern

In my mind, I kept the lights on like Thomas Edison

I wrote and performed anyway

Words were my medicine

Didn't need Tylenol

The non-believers I got tired of you all

I was destined for greatness

But people want to see me fall

Close friends from back in the day don't call

So I Do you like you did me...you slept on me....

So...I slept on you all

Closed my eyes and dreamed past you...

My future faced me

I was writing the future...in a trance like Edgar Casey

I witnessed the future and the start of it.... I couldn't see it at first but I was a part of it....

I had to usher it in....had to start it...

Since hind site is 20/20 and now the future is seen my vision is more keen....

I felt something pull me ever since I was a teen

I walk confident and strong...smooth strut and steady.... No need to rush, I been there already.....

You claim you prepared but you are never ready.....

I thought I was ready.... I felt it coming...the precursor was ready

Damn...I feel like I got to curse already

Life broke but didn't shatter me my battery is charged up I'm... every ready

It all happened slowly and steady but surly… yet I can't remember when things changed... One day I happened to look back and realized I was out of range... ©





At first I thought I was forsaken
But I realized I was awaken
Close to death, my body was aching
I felt like my soul was taken
And placed back in me....
Not to destroy me but to defend me
From the thoughts of others and my own worst enemy...ME

I woke up in a twisted dream
seeing what eyes can't see and feeling what hands can't feel
Then I had to ask myself what is a twisted dream and what is real

Some say I am emotionally void
I don't avoid to feel
I have jus felt so much I am caught up
Between the ideal and the real...

And I'm able to control the balance
Its an immense talent
It causes a ripple effect
so you can Ripley’s believe it or not like Jack Palance

My concepts are supernatural conceptions
Planting ideas in your mind 3 levels down Like Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception

Its not fair, but what's fair when you didn't ask for what you received.
Thought unreal even others that witness it don't even believe

I'm dead to your existence
But not bereaved
Its easy to breath
Difficult to get here but never destined to leave
Its Actual, Factual and sometimes when I speak my words become Supernatural ... ©




We spend a life time experiencing existence and emotion

Pain and pleasure, tragedy and triumph

Love and loss, happiness and sadness

A whirl wind of emotion being caught up swept up only for a season

To transition to another, sometimes a joint venture sometimes a venture alone

Yet, all the while searching for the balance between the ideal and the real

A balance in this thing we call life

To try to embrace a life stable

We question, we ask why, we even question the question

Ending in no resolute no resolve

People fight over land, dust and sand

People fight over words in books deemed sacred

People fight over skin color, morals or the lack there of

How distant are we to assume greatness in a reality that sometimes is a nightmare

A day dream that only stays a dream during the day and not an action at any time

Some of us are lucky enough to have an epiphany, a waking glimpse of raw existence

A higher consciousness, a notion of clarity

As if time stood still and God spoke to us

Letting us know that the journey makes us see who we are

And we are who we are because we make the journey

No more, no less

So we cannot stop dreaming

We cannot stop loving

We cannot stop fighting

We cannot stop hoping

We cannot stop having faith

For these things God placed in us separating us from all other creatures

If we stop these things we stop existing

We stop living

Living this life time

This lifetime that is a gift that should be unwrapped and experienced ©




When They Left part 2

Dedicated to - Jason C.


Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes...

Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes…

I looked up wondering what was on Gods mind when one of my friends was shot down in his prime

I looked down at my friend while he was lying peacefully in the casket

I had to give his Eulogy... Thinking I won't see him anymore past this...

It was snowing that day, the start of a new year

And we were all in tears because our friend was no longer here

I had never seen a church packed with so many young people in my life

There was no room to walk...all the doors were open....you could see the snow falling it was a peaceful site

It was like he was given as a sacrifice
To bring in young life....


Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes...

Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes…


On New Years Eve... I called him on the phone told him I was back home

I checked to see if he had any plans - and said we all needed to link up when we can...

He said all was well and he was going to a party that night... I told him be safe.... He said, “I will be alright”...

But something just didn't feel right...

I had this stranger feeling in the middle of the night....

I knew he was doing well but I felt our conversation didn't end right....

It was a few more hours before the breaking of day light

and the years changed in the middle of the night....

But I still felt like something wasn't right...

There was pain inside even though the day was bright....

My mom picked up the phone....no laughter like the normal.... just a quiet calm

It was Jason Mom...

Explaining that in the middle of the night from this world he was torn...

Must be hard as hell for a mother to explain the death of her only son and first born...

He came from her womb....

Now she has to put him in a tomb


Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes...

Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes…


Knowing Jason from child hood, him death was hard to consume he was shot by a guy that sat by me in school in homeroom

Over something, stupid senseless and small

Why does it seem sometimes when someone is trying to get their life right pain attempts to fall?

And those that do evil never seem to get punished at all....

Seeing him lying there....

Eyes close, as if he was dreaming… we were all there… His family and friends,

Charles, Derrick, Sean, the list goes on… Deon wasn’t there he was in the service

At the same time we were having service…

I was thinking, this is too early… he doesn’t deserve this

But it’s not our choice

God called him home

He left us alone

No more hearing his voice


It snowed that day the prettiest I had ever seen

It seemed like when the chariot came for him God laid down a blanket of snow making the path clean

Then the tracks were covered with snow no longer seen

There was no way for us to follow

The snow symbolized our love and sorrow

A reminder of a special life and the race that had ended as quickly as it begun

That’s why we


Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes...

Going to be got to be ready when the Chariot comes… ©



When they left part 3

Dedicated to - Aunt L.


My mom’s sister, my aunt like, another mother

Her son was my baby brother…

She had a hard life, she was a wife

Of a man that didn’t respect her life

He abused her and used her

In many ways it confused her…


She finally left

It took her all to make that step.

She started doing better.

Life was a storm she had to weather

But she kept it together

She was living that life that was a gift

But was hurting inside because she had no one to share it with


All of a sudden she was diagnosed with cancer

Cancer of the Blood – it was like her life got stuck in quick sand and mud


I prayed to God I wanted her to be made whole

Cause she finally got her life together and left that ass hole

It seemed like her life was ending as it was just beginning

I saw the pain in her face… I tried to bring comfort to her space

In her eyes I saw tears and pain take over her life…

This was the first time in my life I wanted to take another persons pain and place

But it was not my destiny…she lived five years

I wasn’t destiny to take her place but to write the store…

That chariot came for her to take her in to Glory…

I got the call like 5 days after my birthday before form morning light

Didn’t know my day would be spent morning until Night

Seeing her laying on that table, with her son crying for his mother

Her eyes closed her body stiff… he was strong but the tears he couldn’t fight…

Cause from this world she was ripped and torn…

There was nothing to say…

He looked at me and said with the pain she felt it would be wrong for him to want her to stay

With all that pain its better for her to pass away

Memories went through my mind, the hurt was immense,

I dreamed of her being in a peaceful place

But he hasn’t been right since

It boggled my mind

I felt like I lost two family members at the same time…

Love to me is an oath, to the dead and the living

So I miss them both ©





Tears from my eyes like rain from a storm

Proving that emotion has a liquid form

Slowly sliding down my face falling to the ground

Until they are covered with dirt all around

Evaporated up by the sun, held until the earth gets dry

Then the earth can once again feel the tears that I cry ©






Alone is a room with four walls and a door.

I sit blindfolded in the middle of the floor.

The darkness is my blindfold.

This is the reason why I can’t see.

I wonder within myself who could I be.

Where would I go?

What would I do?

Would the memories I collect be false or true?

When I manifest my thoughts will they be clear.

Or will I not say a word because of overcoming fear.

In my mind thoughts are like seeds that have to be sown.

In a room with four walls and a door I harvest these thoughts alone. ©



No Future


I count my problems like the sands of time

To a world of confusion I am confined

With no one to turn to and no place to go

My friend is confusion and that is all that I know

I walk and wonder, stumble and blunder

In the distance I hear thunder

For life is a storm without change or reform

To the likeness of God I want to conform

Because the man without a future has no reason to live

Only a life and a future the hand of God can give ©